“Abused Product”
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Sahlah Anees in collaboration with Jayampathi Guruge

Since birth, every human willingly or unwillingly becomes representatives of society. We live in a society where humans being abused from birth is a normal occurrence.  This abusive setting prevails as a result of the collection of social, economical, political, religious and various cultural factors. These factors influence and decide the thought process of humans. Society has reached a point in which it decides what people think and controls the freedom of thought as well. We function so abnormally that we feel society controlling thought is normal. Is it even possible to expect a good society out of a society consisting of humans who have faced complicated forms of abuse?This whole situation is a distortion.  By the next generation, this distortion would be believed to be reality in its’ true form. This situation will continue to prevail from the present to the future similar to how it has prevailed from the past to the present. 

This production is us taking a moment to stop and understand the situation. This production is a fictional take on a teenage girl’s diary. We hope to bring out her experience and similar real experiences other girls in society face. This is not a situation in which only one person is affected. We know for a fact that this is the reality faced by all girls around the world. We hope to bring into this performance the restrictions, how restrictions are imposed, getting entangled and the effort put into trying to escape these restrictions from birth to death. 

Our goal is not only to create a performance but also to create the space for the discussion about the distortion with the general public. We hope to do our first performance in English and later on in Tamil and Sinhala. Despite having challenges in working in all three languages we still hope to push through to expand our horizons and have a better reach. Through this, we hope to not only tour the country but also the world with our performance. This is only the beginning of our long journey.