“The Hearing Voices Café”

Co Curator | Performer

A project initiated by Dora García in collaboration with Jayampathi Guruge and many others for the Colomboscope interdisciplinary arts festival 2021- Colombo. 

 The Hearing Voices Café is a dialogic structure initiated in 2014 in Hamburg, having traveled ever since across Europe and North America. The Hearing Voices Café is a meeting place, hosted by an existing—and fully functioning—café. The polysemy of the expression “hearing voices” is put to good use by this structure: underlining the political load of dissent from the norm, and the relation of this dissidence, this non-normativity, with creativity..

Ep 7: Play it Back, Theatre We think in a language that is innate to our souls. Our minds are constantly sifting through new vocabularies that are trendy and accepted as the norm of the times. This session The Social Mind: Uncovering Fields of Consciousness led by Jayampathi Guruge with Kasun Chathuranga uses live performance to engage with an intimate public to inquire into ways that mainstream media sources pressurise collective consciousness, the use of rumour and political rhetoric to distort and exhaust bodies receiving information, as well as ways that minor stories become buried in our ‘timelines.