Asmimaanaya - Mine (pr.n.) Mine(n.) Mine(v.)

Co-Screen writer | Lead Actor

This was a monologue written over the period of ten years (2012-2023) now being developed as a full length feature film, directed by Prasad Aluthwaththe. The acting methodology explored here was a major influence on the development of the Actor’s Philosophy methodology. The acting, script writing, directing and film language of this work are all novel concepts, and hope to make an important contribution to the world of film.


Once Upon a Time I Was Addicted to You


Performed at the SpaceEka Artists’ Residency, this was Veenadari Lakshika’s second performance lab in her research and exploration of female abuse and the healing process. It was first presented as part of her final year Master of Fine Arts thesis project in 2020 at Dell’Arte International, USA. Jayampathi Guruge has acted as mentor on this project throughout.


The Hearing Voices Café

Co Curator | Performer

A project initiated by Dora García in collaboration with Jayampathi Guruge and many others for the Colomboscope interdisciplinary arts festival 2021- Colombo.  

The Hearing Voices Café is a dialogic structure initiated in 2014 in Hamburg, having traveled ever since across Europe and North America. The Hearing Voices Café is a meeting place, hosted by an existing—and fully functioning—café. The polysemy of the expression “hearing voices” is put to good use by this structure: underlining the political load of dissent from the norm, and the relation of this dissidence, this non-normativity, with creativity.


ABUSED PRODUCT - Come claim your shares!

Co - Creator

This is a solo performance which was performed at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2021 – Rwanda. Co created with Sahlah Anees, this production is based on a teenage girl’s diary in which she writes about her often traumatic experiences. 


Love and Other Objects

Director | Co- writer

This is a devised play produced by the 2018 batch of the Stages Senior Ensemble. Its cast included members of the Senior Ensemble as well as guest artists. The production set out to reduce the divide between art and real life, creating a shared experience between people, rather than a performance viewed by an audience.  It used real love letters and true experiences of the artists. It was performed in an intimate space with actors mingling and interacting with the audience.


The Grease Yaka Returns

Designer - Set | Lights | Choreography

A theatre performance which was presented by Ananda Drama and directed by Nishantha de Silva and Rajitha Hettiarachchi. It won 10 major awards at the State Drama Festival 2019, including Best Production, Best Light Designer, Best Choreographer and Set Design (Jury Award).


Dear Children, Sincerely…
Seven Decades Of Sri Lanka

Designer | Co-Conceptualiser

A play presented at the Lionel Wendt by Stages Theatre Group and directed by Ruwanthie de Chickera. DCS Seven Decades of Sri Lanka was also invited to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.


A Performance By Performance Factory

Director | Choreographer | Conceptualiser | Designer

This outdoor contemporary piece was performed at the opening of the Academic Thespians Theatre Festival on the commemoration of their 10th Anniversary.


The Syrian Monologues

Co-Director | Designer

A collection of four monologues translated and performed on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2016. The monologues created were based on interviews conducted with Syrian refugees and the pieces were performed simultaneously in 10 countries on June 20th. The project was initiated by Iman Aoun, creator of the “The Gaza Monologues” in 2010.


Dear Children, Sincerely… A Conversation Across Generations

Designer | Co-Conceptualiser

An international theatre project initiated in Sri Lanka which aimed at interviewing senior citizens over the age of 80 and creating a collection of short performance pieces. The project has been adopted in Rwanda, the UK, Ireland, Burundi, DRC, Belgium and Serbia. The first collaboration was between Rwanda and Sri Lanka, and performed at the first ever UBUMUNTU Arts Festival in Kigali, Rwanda, July 2015. Subsequently performed in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2016 and toured in Jammu, Kerala and New Delhi, India at the 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav and in Mumbai at the Metta Festival in the same year


Walking Path – a play without words

Director | Designer | Co-Conceptualiser

A devised play about the widespread urban beautification drive in post-war Sri Lanka.  This play is being acknowledged as a milestone in contemporary Sri Lankan theatre – receiving recognition as an important piece of post-war theatre and as the first wordless play of this kind.  This play was conceptualised with Ruwanthie de Chickera.  It was performed at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in 2014. The play was performed at the 16th Thespo Festival in Mumbai and won multiple awards including Best Director, Best Designer, Best Production and Best Ensemble.


Grease Yaka

Designer | Choreographer | Co-Conceptualiser

A devised play created with the students of Ananda College that looks at the creation, manipulation and spread of social phobia through the strange phenomenon of the infamous Grease Yaka.  This play was directed by Ruwanthie de Chickera and was performed at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in August 2014



Co-Conceptualiser | Lighting Designer

A devised piece of theatre created with the students of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts for their final year production.  This play was devised out of a piece of sellotape.  It was directed by Stefan Thirimanna and performed at the Performing Arts Campus Theatre, March 2013.



Director | Playwright | Designer

A devised piece of theatre, this One-Act-Play was created in the final year of university as an experimental piece of theatre.  A silent play created without any of the usual binding ‘dramatic’ elements of theatre, this play contained no words, no music, no emotion, no colour.  Performed at the Performing Arts Campus Theatre, January 2013.


Kalumaali - a fairy tale for grown-ups

Designer | Assistant Director | Actor

A devised piece of theatre created out of the writings of 13 women of the stage about their experiences of motherhood.  Directed by Ruwanthie de Chickera, this play was heralded as a breakthrough in Sri Lankan theatre in terms of its story-telling and also its form.  Performed at the Lionel Wendt Theater in 2012.